“From pressure washing to hydroblasting applications, Ranger Environmental is equipped to meet the high-intensity demands of routine maintenance cleaning, pre-commissioning and decommissioning projects and scheduled outages.”

If you need to solve a tough product removal or surface prep challenge, you are in the right place!  Ranger Environmental Services has the Hydroblasting equipment capable of pressures up to 40,000 psi and volumes up to 100 gpm with expertise to safely and efficiently remove deposits that routinely build up in industrial process equipment.  We use this equipment to clean deposits from exchangers, towers and vessels, lines and sewers, and contaminated surfaces.   Remove old paint, dirt and rust from structures, machinery and equipment.  High-pressure cleaning applications range from residue removal, brick and concrete restoration, to removing tenacious mill scale deposits, calcides, and rust and sludge from interior shells of boilers, piping, line heaters, heat exchangers, condensers, fin fans, emission tubes, containers and tanks.  Our Hydroblasting techniques are the ideal method for cleaning internal as well as external areas, flat or irregularly shaped surfaces or pipes, and for getting at places that, in the past, were almost impossible to reach, let alone clean!

  • Bundle Blasting
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning
  • Flex Lancing
  • Stiff Lancing
  • Shot Gunning
  • Evaporator Cleaning
  • Large Diameter Pipe and Sewer Jetting
  • Structural Cleaning and De-Coating
  • Non-entry Vessel and Tank Cleaning
Vacuum trucks and tankers work in conjunction with our hydroblasting technology to contain water or dispose of waste matter on or off-site.