Ranger Environmental Services has the expertise and equipment to collect your wet or dry material.  We offer a diverse fleet of wet and dry vacuum equipment to remove a wide variety of materials from tanks, vessels, water treatment ponds, basins, sewers, drains, septic and holding tanks.   Baghouse units are used primarily for clean materials from areas such as ash pits, tanks, sumps, boilers, conveyor belts and all types of vessels.  These units have filter bags to prohibit the release of dust into the atmosphere.  Vacuum trucks are also used on all pipeline pigging operations as well as assisting in pressure testing projects.


  • Air machines for wet and dry applications
  • Vacuum units with swing-out detachable cyclone units
  • Jet-rodder units with automatic take-up reels for sewer cleaning
  • Liquid ring and rotary vane machines for handling materials with low
    flash point temperature 
  • 70-130 barrel DOT liquid vacuum trucks


  • General Industrial Vacuuming Using Dry or Wet Systems
  • Ash Handling and Firebox Cleaning
  • Precipitator Hoppers, Conveyors, Penthouse, and Backpass
  • Catalyst Removal and Handling
  • Load Transfers
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Clarifier & Sump Cleaning
  • Sand & Gravel Removal
  • Sludge Removal
  • Drilling Mud Removal
  • Pipeline Pigging Operations
  • Sewer Line Cleaning & Sewer Bypass
  • Above & Under Ground Storage Tank Cleaning
  • Waste Water Treatment Digester Cleaning
  • Wash-bay Sumps
  • Acid Sumps, Caustic Tanks
  • Railcar unloading and transportation